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Case study: Tele 2 – Making the change

Tele2 Eesti AS – updated brand communication activities

At the beginning of 2019 Tele2 was somewhat behind its main competitors in most measurable brand quality indicators, with the exception of the price image. At the same time, price is no longer the main influencer in the telecom sector.

Therefore, the brand needed to show itself in the role of a challenger, who breaks the practices common in the sector and publicly shows that it cares about its customers (existing clients first) and thus can also win the trust of new customers.

The main objectives of brand communication:

• Raise the quality image of the Tele2 network in the entire market by 15% and among its customers by 10%.

• Change people's perception of the nature of the Tele2 brand.

Target group research revealed that nearly 90% of our target group trusts the opinion and feedback of other people significantly more than classic advertising, on a global scale this % is even higher.

In addition, we conducted Publicis Media's large-scale consumer behavior study TouchPoints with the client, with the help of which we can see which paid, owned and earned touch points have the most influence on brand recognition, consideration, purchase and loyalty in the telecom sector. The results of the study showed that paid media channels are the most important in the awareness raising phase, but different owned and earned channels become decisive in the consideration phase.

How to make the change happen?

Strategically, it was important to find the right balance between branding and activating channels. In addition to classic paid media, we had to include additional activities to update the communication.

First of all, we knew that people trust other people more than advertisements, and also in which phases of brand activity own channels and earned media play a significant role.

Second, we relied on internationally recognized marketing research that emphasizes the importance of emotional brand communication in the long-term success of a brand.

It was very important to bring long-term brand activities alongside the sales campaigns. We took an approach where we start campaigns by creating excitement on social media, followed by events aimed primarily at our customers.

The purpose of these two activities, in addition to coverage, is to generate coverage in earned media and create content for their own channels.

Starting in May, we started communicating the brand story, which was primarily focused on Tele2's main field of activity - network service.

Tactically, there were 3 brand campaigns during the year.

1. It took place in the period May-June and carried the message #minavingun. The campaign started with a teaser period, when well-known influencers in Estonia posted topics that bothered them in their Instagram stories - the topics varied from taking garbage to the forest to using the phone while driving, etc.

When launching the main campaign, short sketches on the same topic were added to social media. In order to involve people, we organized an event in Viljandi where people could "paint the weather beautiful". It is the weather that is the most talked about.

All the activities of our own channels were supported by a strong mass media campaign, where we used TV, outdoor media, radio and online.

2. The campaign wave focused on the Fresh Air message, within which Tele2 encouraged people to go outside for fresh air, which helped people experience the quality of Tele2's network across Estonia. To reinforce our message, we had to give people a reason to go out. For this, we launched an engaging GPS drawing game on social media, where participants could send pictures of their homemade GPS drawings, and the best received prizes.

In order to amplify the message of the #FreshAir campaign, we gave our customers the opportunity to experience something new by bringing the Hapnikubaar to the dealerships for the first time in Estonia.

In mass media, we used TV, outdoor media, radio and digital channels. Across most channels, we used personalized messages for different parts of the day and days of the week to inspire people to get outside.

3. The third or last wave of the Christmas campaign of the year focused once again on the #FreshAir message, urging people to go out into nature during the holidays and refrain from excessive shopping frenzy.

This time, Tele2 gave its customers the opportunity to skate for free at the skating rinks in Tallinn and Tartu. Skating culminated with a fun ice skating disco event. Short sketches of the skater's fielder were created on social media and we collaborated with various influencers.

In the mass media, we supported the campaign through TV, outdoor media and online channels. Outdoor media messages were divided into two - a general message and local directional messages near the skating rinks.

We implemented the plan and brought results

The actual results exceeded all expectations:

  • The quality image of the Tele2 network increased by 21.15% among the entire market and 12.23% among customers (measured with the monthly brand KPI dashboard conducted by Norstat).

  • 52% of the market believes that Tele2 has changed for the better, and 75% of its customers also perceive the change (measured by a survey of its customer base and follow-up surveys of campaigns).

  • The new lines of activity have been very well received - 15,000 Tele2-e customers went ice skating in December. According to the follow-up survey, 71% found it a very pleasant offer.

Client - Liina Liiv, Tele2 Eesti AS marketing manager:

"Tele2 is an ambitious challenger brand on the telecom market, we want to bring freshness and new life to the boring telecom sector. At the beginning of 2019, we created a new strategy. Based on this, we, as the first telecom company in Estonia, stopped doing things that people don't like. With the strategy, we want to maintain the image of the price leader, but our main goal is to become the company with the best customer service in Estonia. With the updated strategy, we also started looking for new partners. We were looking for partners with whom our worlds of thought fit and who would care about the Tele2 brand as much as we do. We found fantastic companions."

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