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MediaBroker compiles an effective digital marketing solution

for your company corresponding to your goals and budget.

Digital advertising enables you to target your campaign

to a very specific target audience, so you can reach your potential clients.

Strategy, plan, analysis

  • Digital marketing strategy and plan

  • Target group and competitor analysis

  • Pre and post campaign research

  • Digital media planning

Digital advertising

  • Digital media planning according to goals

  • Setting up targeted campaigns

  • Monitoring, optimization and analysis of digital advertising campaigns

  • Creative solutions for digital advertising

Tracking & SEO

  • SEO technical analysis

  • SEO content and keyword analysis

  • Tracking setup audit

  • Setting up tracking

Google ads

  • Search ads

  • Display ads

Social media ads

  • Facebook ads (Meta ads)

  • Instagram ads (Meta ads)

  • LinkedIn ads

  • Twitter / X ads

Advertising on platforms

  • Youtube

  • Reddit

  • Spotify

Adveritising in local channels

  • Delfi

  • Postimees

       and other local portals

Programmatic advertising

  • AdForm

  • Eskimi

In addition to the fact that digital marketing gives you the ability to precisely target a certain audience that is important to you, you also get ongoing information about how effective your ad is.

  • How many views is the ad getting?

  • How many visitors are coming to your website from this ad?

  • How long do visitors stay on your website and what do they do there?

  • Do the visitors make a purchase or inquiry?



Before you jump headfirst into digital marketing and start blindly setting up ads, let's get to the basics of marketing - what is the goal and who is your target audience?

A clearly defined goal and a comprehensive target group and competition analysis are the basis for strategically thought-out digital marketing.

It is very easy to reach the target audience in digital channels...

IF you know which channels to use for your campaign, which ad to show there, which target group to display the ad to in the given channel and how to set it all up correctly.​


In addition to the target audience, the budget also plays a vital role in creating a digital media plan.

However, the size of the budget does not determine the success of the campaign.

With a small budget it is possible to achieve great results, and with a large budget it is possible to throw money in the wind.

Success is determined by skilled campaign planning, setup and optimization based on the target group and budget.


With digital marketing, you can easily reach a very wide audience or, on the contrary, direct your campaign to a very specific group.


Before running digital ads, make sure that your website/online store and social media channels are set up correctly - that important information is stored and running correctly.

This is the only way you can objectively evaluate the actual numbers and results and the performance of the campaign.


We carry out a comprehensive website audit, which includes technical and on-page SEO, keyword analysis and auditing the tracking setup on the website and social media channels.

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