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MediaBroker is a full-service agency.

 Your partner in everything concerning to marketing and media. From strategy to creative solutions.

Strategy and planning

  • Market analysis and trends

  • Target audience analysis

  • Category analysis

  • Marketing goals and focus

  • Setting goals and focus

  • Marketing strategy

  • Media strategy

  • Media buying

  • Audit of media prices

  • Marketing plan

Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing strategy and marketing plan

  • Target group and competition analysis

  • Media planning and buying (local channels, Google, Meta, etc.)

  • Campaign monitoring, optimization and analysis

  • Pre- and post-campaign surveys

  • Creative solutions

  • SEO and keyword analysis

  • E-mail marketing

Social media and influencer marketing

Social media audit, strategy and content plan

Optimized social media advertising campaigns

Insight and assistance with creative, so it corresponds to the respective social media channel

Social media management and content creation

Influencer marketing

Analytics and studies

  • Overview of media landscape (local and global)

  • Target audience and category analysis

  • Brand and consumer research

  • Pre- and post-campaign surveys

  • Kantar Emor consumer surveys

  • Publicis Groupe

TV and radio

  • Strategy and planning

  • Target audience analysis

  • Price negotiations with media channels

  • Media buying

  • Campaign monitoring and optimization

  • Campaign Post-buys

  • Pre- and post-surveys & analysis

  • Creative

OOH (out-of-home)

  • Outdoor media strategy and plan

  • Target group analysis and OOH advertising consumption habits

  • Price negotiations and media buying

  • Monitoring and campaign summary

  • Pre- and post-surveys and analysis

  • Support and creation of creative solutions

We provide media courses both personally and for a larger audience.

What is media, what media channels exist, terms related to media, etc.

A general overview or an in-depth lesson of a specific topic or whatever combo is needed.

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